Darband, Tehran, Iran

Walking trails of Darband

The trails pass waterfalls and cross streams as they head up into the hills. They are crowded on Thursday afternoon and Friday and make a great place to meet Tehranis in a relaxed, social atmosphere.


How to get there :

Take metro to Tajrish Station, then walk along Fana Khosrow St. and then Darband St.


Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran

“It is an art museum in Tehran, Iran. The collection of over 1500 items contains the work of some of the 20th century’s greatest European and American painters and sculptures, that have not been seen for over forty years. It also includes the work of Iranian artists.”




Western Bus Terminal, Tehran, Iran

Terminal-e Gharb

The western terminal is the city’s busiest terminal, catering for the Caspian region and western Iran, as well as international destinations including Ankara and İstanbul (in Turkey), Baku (in Azerbaijan) and Yerevan (Armenia).




Azari Traditional Teahouse, Tehran, Iran

“Just north of the train station on the west side of Valiasr (opposite Book City), this restored ‘coffeehouse’ in south Tehran is wonderfully atmospheric because it remains popular with locals, who use it as an unofficial community centre. The dizi (stew) and kashk-e bademjan (eggplant fried and mashed and served with thick whey and mint) are justly popular.”


About dizi  – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abgoosht


The Grand Bazaar, Tehran, Iran

“The Grand Bazaar is an old historical market in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

Located at the Arg Square in Southern Tehran, it is split into several corridors over 10 km in length, each specializing in different types of goods, and has several entrances, with the main being the entrance of Sabze Meydan.”


How to get there : Take metro to Panzdah Khordad Station

If you want to save money for foods, I would recommend a nice restaurant in Sayyed Vali Street. The chicken rice was delicious, cheap and big portion.