Exhibitions – Claude Monet, Hong Kong

Claude Monet : The Spirit of Place

Hong Kong Heritage Museum
1/F Thematic Galleries 3, 4 & 5
4 May 2016 – 11 July 2016

Opening Hours

From 4 May to 30 May 2016:
Monday, Wednesday to Friday: 10 am to 6 pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10 am to 7 pm
Closed on Tuesdays

From 1 June to 11 July 2016:
Monday, Thursday to Friday: 10 am to 6 pm
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 10 am to 8 pm
Closed on Tuesdays

Admission Fee

Admission (per person) Standard
(groups of 20 persons or more)
Concessionary #
Claude Monet: The Spirit of Place

(4.5.2016 – 11.7.2016)

Thursdays to Mondays:
Thursdays to Mondays:
Thursdays to Mondays:

Ethnographic Museum, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

‘Set within Haile Selassie’s former palace and surrounded by the beautiful gardens and fountains of Addis Ababa University’s main campus is the enthralling Ethnological Museum. Even if you’re not normally a museum fan, this one is worth a bit of your time – it’s easily one of the finest museums in Africa.”

Read more: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/ethiopia/addis-ababa/sights/museums-galleries/ethnological-museum#ixzz45lbmLrXZ


“Red Terror” Martyrs’ Memorial Museum, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The “Red Terror” Martyrs’ Memorial Museum in Addis Ababa was established in 2010 as a memorial to the victims of the Red Terror under the Derg regime.

In the museum various torture instruments are displayed. In addition, original skulls and bones, coffins, bloody clothes, and photographs of victims are exhibited.

Tours are given for free where a museum guide will go through the exhibits and explain the history leading up to the Red Terror (starting from Haile Selassie‘s 80th birthday celebration). The tour guide will explain the atrocious actions done towards citizens who opposed the Derg, how prisoners were treated and how they secretly communicated among each other.”



National Museum of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“The National Museum of Ethiopia (NME), also referred to as the Ethiopian National Museum, is a national museum in Ethiopia. It is located in the capital, Addis Ababa, near the Addis Ababa University‘s graduate school.

famous of which is “Lucy,” the partial skeleton of a specimen of Australopithecus afarensis. Recently added to the basement gallery is a display on Selam, found between 2000 and 2004. Estimated to be 3.3 million years old, this A. afarensis specimen is considered to be the earliest child.”



Vank Catherdral, Isfahan, Iran

Holy Savior Cathedral (Armenian: Սուրբ Ամենափրկիչ Վանք, Surp Amenaprgich Vank; Persian: کلیسای وانک or آمنا پرکیج, Kelisa-ye Vank or Amenapergich‎‎; ), also known as Vank Cathedral and The Church of the Saintly Sisters, is a cathedral in Isfahan, Iran. Vank means “monastery” or “convent” in the Armenian language.

Construction is believed to have begun in 1606 by the first arrivals,[2] and completed with major alterations to design between 1655 and 1664 under the supervision of Archbishop David. The cathedral consists of a domed sanctuary, much like a Persian mosque, but with the significant addition of a semi-octagonal apse and raised chancel usually seen in western churches. The cathedral’s exteriors are in relatively modern brickwork and are exceptionally plain compared to its elaborately decorated interior.”


Wonder of Iran : http://www.payvand.com/news/10/aug/1217.html


Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran

“It is an art museum in Tehran, Iran. The collection of over 1500 items contains the work of some of the 20th century’s greatest European and American painters and sculptures, that have not been seen for over forty years. It also includes the work of Iranian artists.”