Papyrus Boat on Lake Tana, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

“Papyrus boat-making — once a vital activity that has built fleets and shaped the course of empires — now only exists as a sustained part of a local economy here, on Lake Tana, just off Bahir Dar in northwest Ethiopia.”


Water Taxi, Dubai, UAE

Crossing the Dubai Creek by boat is a popular mode of transport for many city’s residents and tourists

Dubai Abras



Palm Jumeirah Monorail, Dubai, UAE

The prices for the Palm Monorail tickets are as follows:

Single trip: 15 dirhams

Return trip: 25 dirhams

Palm Monorail Tickets


Western Bus Terminal, Tehran, Iran

Terminal-e Gharb

The western terminal is the city’s busiest terminal, catering for the Caspian region and western Iran, as well as international destinations including Ankara and İstanbul (in Turkey), Baku (in Azerbaijan) and Yerevan (Armenia).